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Plums are known for their firm texture, juiciness, and tangy skin. Their skin colors range from yellow, to red, to black, and they have yellow or red flesh. The two major types of plums are Japanese and European varieties. Japanese plums are typically round or heart shaped and become ripe towards the beginning of the season, and European varieties are oval shaped and ripen later in the season. Plums are available from May through September.


Introduction to market: Plums date back in writing to 479 B.C. They were prominent in the writings and songs of Confucius which include a listing of popular foods of Chinese culture.In 65 B.C., Pompey the Great introduced the plum to the orchards of Rome, and Alexander the Great eventually brought them to the Mediterranean regions.


Early American colonists found wild plums growing along the east coast, but today the common European plum has replaced the native wild plum in popularity and as a commercial crop. 


Popular Varieties:

Howard Sun



September Yummy

Autumn Beaut

Flavor Rich

Joanna Red



Owen T


We also offer Pluots and Plumcots**

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