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Peaches come with both yellow and white flesh depending on the variety. White flesh varieties contain little to no acid and have an exceptionally sweet flavor, while yellow flesh varieties have various acidic undertones and feature the traditional “peach flavor”.


Introduction to market: Peaches originated in China where they were cultivated since the early days of Chinese culture. Considered the favorite fruit of emperors, peaches were first mentioned in Chinese writings dating back to the 10th century. From China, the “Persian apple,” the translated Latin name, was introduced to the Romans by the Persians (now Iranians) and later introduced to Europe by Alexander the Great.


In the early 17th century George Minifie, a horticulturist from England, brought the first peaches to the New World colonies, planting them at his estate in Virginia. It was the early American Indian tribes who actually spread the peach tree across the United States, taking seeds with them and planting them as they traveled the land. 


But it wasn’t until the 19th century that commercial peach production began in Maryland, Delaware, Georgia and Virginia. Today, peaches are grown commercially in California, Washington state, South Carolina, Georgia and Missouri.


Popular varieties:

Zee Pride

June Lady

Zee Lady

Snow Princess

Snow Beauty

Snow Giant

Pink Giant


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