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Golden Delicious



Fresh and floral, with a slight tart finish, firm texture.


It's the all-purpose apple. Mellow and sweet, Goldens are great for eating out of hand, baking and salads. In salads and other dishes, their flesh stays white longer than other apples. The dry, warm climate of Eastern Washington is perfect for this delicate yellow beauty. They're harvested in September and available all year.

Introduction to market: 1914
Place of origin: Clay County, West Virginia
Parentage: Uncertain, but some suspect the chance seedling can be traced to Golden Reinette and Grimes golden.


Standard pack is the classic Tray Pack. Packed with 4 trays for 100 ct and larger and 5 trays for 113 ct and smaller, the tray pack will suit most of your bulk needs. All varieties and sizes are available in tray packs. 


    18 kg Tray Pack 
    49 per pallet (7ti x 7hi)

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