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Fresh and sophisticated flavor, sweet with a slight spiciness and hints of savory earthy character, quite juicy and aromatic.


This immensely flavorful variety was introduced to the U.S. from Japan in the 1980s, but now the U.S. produces more Fujis than Japan. Each year, this big, super-sweet, crisp apple gains new fans. The Fuji holds its texture when baked. It's known for its hard texture and syrupy sweetness. It's also excellent for baking and salads. Washington's cool weather in the late fall helps develop its reddish-pink color and superb flavor. Fujis are harvested in October and can be purchased October to August.

(Early, Aztec & Regular fujis all available)


Introduction to market: 1962
Place of Origin: Japan
Parentage: This variety is a cross of Red Delicious and Ralls Janet bred at a Japanese research station.

Availability: Harvested in October. Available from October through August.


Standard pack is the classic Tray Pack. Packed with 4 trays for 100 ct and larger and 5 trays for 113 ct and smaller, the tray pack will suit most of your bulk needs. All varieties and sizes are available in tray packs. The tray pack is also available in a heavy pack configuration for export markets.

    18 kg Tray Pack & 20 kg Heavy Pack
    49 per pallet (7ti x 7hi)

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