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Customers can enjoy a year-round suppy of crisp, juicy farm fresh apples that are packed to order. We're committed to supplying our customers with fresh, crunchy,
flavorful apples from both the Washington and Chilean regions.


Fresh Citrus from our fields in the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California is available at its peak eating quality. Our Citrus groves and packing plants are among the finest in the industry. From December through Mid summer - California's oranges boast to be some of the tastiest & juiciest amongst the bunch.


There are hundreds of different varieties of plums, peaches & nectarines throughout our harvesting summer. All of them have different looks and attributes. Some are full red, some are speckled and some are a combination of yellow and red. Others boast dark blacks & red beautiful flesh. All of these stone fruits have a unique flavor to their own variety so be sure to try them all and find your favorite.


From the beginning of our summer to late fall, grapes are in overwhelming abundance throughout the state of California.  Our growers & packers take meticulous care with their vineyards - proving time and time again a bountiful, delicious harvest of beautiful green, red & black grapes.


Our California & Washington state growers have proven the ability to produce the largest, firmest cherries with the best flavor. When our cherries are ready for harvesting, they are gently hand picked by skilled labor and immediately rushed to hydro-coolers for immediate cooling - ensuring great delivery for our customers.


From Carrots to Onions & Pears to Pumpkins, even Almonds and Dates - we consistently provide our customers with top quality fresh and dried fruits, vegetables and nuts- not only from the Western United States, but from Canada, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Uruguay and others. Our commitment to you is top quality produce - that will keep our customers & their customers -
coming back for more.

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