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Our collective 50+ years of experience has provided us with a vast knowledge of the commodities we handle. Our goal is simply to provide the best quality product at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on furnishing accurate market information and buying advice. Anyone can sell a product, however only those with experience and integrity can help guide customers toward the most beneficial purchase opportunities.

Our efforts are concentrated on providing current information on product condition and availability, and supplying top quality produce to our customers. We feel there is a difference in the quality of fruit from label to label. Being located in the heart of Central California allows our quality control experts to provide instant feedback to our customers providing them with concise descriptions of recommended purchases. We also work with our well trusted inspectors in areas outside of California, which allows us to source from other areas not only around the United States, but in Chile, Argentina, South Africa and Canada. Our commitment to you - to provide you with excellent service, detailed and accurate information & reports, a competitive edge & above all - outstanding produce.



Meet The Team

Patrick Carroll

chief executive officer

Patrick has been in the fruit exporting industry for over thirty years. He graduated from the University of California - Berkeley in 1969 with a degree in Mathematics. Originally from the Bay Area, he now resides in Fresno, California

Whitney Ward

export sales manager

Whitney grew up in the Central Valley surrounded by the fruit exporting industry and took an interest in it in her mid 20's. Having previously worked in vinyl record importation and distribution, she now finds herself residing in Fresno, California and rooted in the valley and agriculture export business.

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